Lighten Your Load

Part of the challenge of our recent move from the mountains down to the suburbs was our skads of boxes.

Not boxes filled with imminently usable items for the kitchen. Or lamps. Or clothing.

We have tons of boxes stacked in our basement filled with stuff.

Items accumulated through 35 years of marriage that either have sentimental value or are things we think we “might use” in the next twenty years or so.

Mainly we have boxes of books. Excellent books.

But the problem with books is I keep buying more. Then I stuff the new ones in and around the old ones. Am I really going to read “Unbroken” again? I mean, it was a riveting and inspiring read, but now that I know what happens I really don’t need to re-read it.

We also have lovely pieces of furniture sitting in storage.

So we’ve decided to lighten our load, literally. We’re going to donate books, give away some furniture, try to sell some items.

Why in the world didn’t we do this earlier?

I think it’s like getting older…or fatter. The wrinkles, the pounds just kind of creep on and you don’t notice until you try to jump up and dance at your nephew’s wedding.

It can happen in the spiritual realm, too. This getting too heavy and ungainly.

Over the years, if we’re not vigilant and teachable and forgiving, we can accumulate lots of negative emotions and bitter attitudes.

  1. We develop callouses where we should be tender.
  2. Backaches from bending our bodies toward compromises we shouldn’t make.
  3. Sore muscles from carrying loads that only the Savior is strong enough to bear.

Bruce and I have lived in many different states. We should have been vigilant about the accumulation of unnecessary items throughout our years together. We should have been regularly tossing and donating. Keeping ourselves light and fit and ready to move.

Same thing with our spiritual lives. We need to regularly toss out the “stuff.” Stay unfettered and ready to respond to God’s voice.



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