For Such a Time

Bruce and I were watching a movie the other day that took place during ancient times.

I asked him, “If you had to live in any other time, what would you choose?”

He thought about it for a bit, then the phone rang and we got distracted. So I never got his answer.

But today I remembered our conversation and I asked myself what I would be like if I were born in another time or another country.

If I had grown up in Afghanistan I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go to school, let alone college. If I’d lived a century earlier I would have died giving birth to my first-born.

If I’d been born in the Far East back in the 1200s, would I have ever heard about Jesus?

If I’d lived in the 1400s in Europe, would I have contracted and died from the Great Plague?

If I’d lived in the 18th century I never would have heard the music of Brahms, or Debussy or Rachmaninoff.

Have you ever thought about what you would have been in another time? What would you have achieved, who would you have met and married, what kinds of skills would you have learned, what would your social life have looked like?

I’m so grateful that I was born at this time and in this country. In no other time would I have been given the same opportunities to study, to work at my passions, to communicate via the internet with people on the other side of the world.

I’m grateful that God has a plan for today and tomorrow, and that I’m part of it.

These are exciting times. Almost too exciting, I think.

Would you switch with any other person who lived during another time?






2 thoughts on “For Such a Time”

  1. I wouldn’t want to live in any other time period. God put me in this country at this point in history for a reason. My pray is that I’ll fulfill His plan for my life and honor Him.

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