Pasta, Please!

It’s a cold, cold day.

Snow has exceeded the weatherman’s predictions. I measured the snow on the railing of my back deck. Eight inches.

But, praise God, I don’t have to go anywhere today. I can hole up and spend the whole day writing.


I’m making a pasta dish for dinner tonight. It’s my favorite comfort food dish when the weather is blustery.

I don’t have pasta very often. The amount that my dietician thinks is a serving is pitiful.

But this pasta dish is for days like today.

Wanna see the recipe? I call it “Pasta, Please!”

Here it is:

One pound mild Italian sausage

One half chopped onion.

I cup chopped red pepper (or yellow or green)

About 2 tsp. of Italian seasoning.

One tsp garlic powder or two to three chopped cloves of garlic.

Large jar of tomato pasta sauce.

Half a cup of chopped black olives.

Your choice pasta.

All of the ingredients can be adjusted per your taste. Break up the sausage and brown with the onions and red peppers in a pan. Or throw all in the crock pot. Drain off extra fat. When the sausage and vegies are browned, throw all the other ingredients in. Cover and cook on low in crockpot for about four hours, or in a covered pan for about an hour. Stir every so often. Serve over pasta.

(I love to do this in the crockpot because the aroma permeates the house and makes me feel cozy.)

What’s your favorite comfort dish?




5 thoughts on “Pasta, Please!”

  1. Well – there is beef stroganoff. Or potato pancakes – with sour cream. Enjoy your supper. I can almost smell it here in Virginia!

  2. Oh, Dena, that sounds heavenly…and so perfect on a cold, blustery day….thanks for the recipe! All the snow has melted on the grass here in Longmont…perfect moisture for this time of year…tulips are up and daffodils are blooming in my front porch area! Blessings on your day!

    1. Annie, it turned out really good even though I was all out of black olives and I think they’d mislabeled the mild Italian sausage. That was some spicy sausage!

  3. Pasta is also my favorite comfort food. It’s rainy, but warm, in my part of the country. The daffodils are ready to burst, while crocuses have already made their annual appearance.

  4. Susan, we don’t get leaves on trees until late April. I’m hungering for green. But the pasta day (yesterday) encouraged me to wait patiently for God’s blessing of spring.

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