My Husband’s God-pillows

Every morning, after breakfast and before I get to the day’s computer work, I roam about the house straightening up.

I wash the breakfast dishes and put a load of clothes in the washing machine. I fluff the pillows on the couch and smile. The rumpled pillows are a sure sign that Bruce has been there that very morning.

IMG_0137He uses the pillows to support his back while He reads his Bible and prays each morning.

Bruce gets up very early. About 3:30 in the morning.

He takes his shower, dresses, then tiptoes downstairs to make his protein drink. Then, he settles himself on the living room couch for his morning with God.

It gives me great comfort to know that, just as I’m praying for him, I know that part of his morning prayer is about me, too.

But the most wonderful thing about the rumpled pillows is that my husband starts his day seeking God.

Bruce has gone through some challenging times recently. But that hasn’t stopped him from rumpling the couch cushions each morning. He knows where his strength lies: not in his effervescent personality, not in the accumulated wisdom and skills from 35 years in the business, not from awards and citations and bonuses at work, not from luck, or even—he’s recently learned to his chagrin—loyalty and a proven track record at work.

Bruce knows that God is in charge of his moments, his days, his seasons.

His security may wax or wane. His position at work may change. Friends come and go. Health may fail.

But he agrees that:

“My flesh and my heart may fail,

but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” (Psalm 73: 26 NIV Bible)


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  1. Thanks, Dena, for those “heart words” today…”relationship with the Savior”–each day’s priority! Annie

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