When God Says “No”

I keep thinking I’ve learned this lesson. Got it down.

But God must know better.

‘Cause He keeps putting me in life circumstances that show me I’m not there yet.

For three years I’d been praying for a particular blessing.

I was faithful in this prayer. And I backed up my praying by declaring, “Lord, You know best. I trust You. I know that You love me. And I desire Your glory above all else.”

Then the time of testing came. My prayer was answered. But not in the way I’d been praying.

You see, I keep thinking that God will answer my prayer exactly the way I envision it. In fact, many times I tell Him how He should make things happen. Sound familiar? Is this you, too?

But the Lord has more lofty plans. The loftiest in the universe.

He has saved me. He has promised to never leave me or forsake me. Ephesians 1: 14 says: ” Having believed, you were marked in Him…..guaranteeing our inheritance.”

In the light of these words, why would I ever be discouraged by these temporal disappointments?

But I am suffering because of this disappointment. I wrote a friend, outlining how my disappointment has made me feel sick at heart.

I also said, “But I’ll be okay.” Because the truth of God’s word promises that He is making all things perfect. Me included. His plan is so much greater than just answering a prayer for success in an endeavor.

No, His plan is for me to become like Christ. And these disappointments— if I’ll just keep my focus on the Lord and His plan—are designed specifically for me.

This is the lesson I’m still learning: In all my prayers, He (Christ) is the plan and the prize.

Through disappointment, God is teaching me:

Patience: God’s timing is different from mine!

Perspective: Am I ready for this blessing I’m praying for?

Character: Can I rejoice for others even when I’m personally disappointed?

Empathy:  Maybe I can comfort another through my own experiences.

Trust: God knows what He’s doing.

So, be encouraged when you experience disappointment in your prayer life. God has not forgotten you. Far from it. He’s molding you into something beautiful.


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  1. Mrs. Billy Graham is reported to have said that if God had answered her prayers exactly as she wanted, she would have married the wrong man 8 times. On a serious note – we are going through a season of ‘No’ right now, but in the midst of that, God provides many ‘Yea and Amen!’ answers. We just have to be looking for them.

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