My husband is in surgery right now. Oh, it’s nothing too serious. Just a hernia. Not to worry.

But he’s never been in surgery before. Well, not since he was a teenager and accidentally put his hand through a pale glass window. He almost lost his hand. But that was a long time ago.

Now, he’s got a little bump in his belly. They got him all prepped and shot the happy juice into his IV. “Not to worry, ” I said. Then I kissed him. As they wheeled him into surgery I called out, “nighty night.”

Neither of us slept very well last night. He’s nervous about the surgery. I feel sorry for his feeling nervous. I said, “Not to worry. Everything’ll be fine.”

The prep nurse is terrific. She’s got an Aussie accent and has a great sense of humor.

Bruce is a dignified guy, not used to donning those awful hospital gowns. He’s embarrassed, and trying to tamp down the natural shaky feeling you get before surgery.

The surgeon comes in for a very brief talk. He’s extremely tall, with a deep voice and enormous hands. I wonder how hands that large can possibly perform such delicate surgery.

He leaves and the anesthesiologist comes in with a few questions and information about the kind of stuff they’ll use to knock Bruce out.

I see my husband squirm. “Not to worry,” I say in my head. Everything’ll be fine.” And I pray for Bruce.

He’ll be in there for an hour. In fact, as I write, I imagine that they’re just getting their scalpels ready.

Ach! Now I’m nervous. I’m praying.

God speaks into my heart, “Not to worry. Every’ll be just fine.”




5 thoughts on “Surgery…Ach!”

  1. So, how did everything go….? I was praying too!  Annie  Mine went OK…feeling dizzy…waiting at least 24 hours to do any driving…my neighbor, Sandra, sooo helpful!

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