My husband is in surgery right now. Oh, it’s nothing too serious. Just a hernia. Not to worry.

But he’s never been in surgery before. Well, not since he was a teenager and accidentally put his hand through a pale glass window. He almost lost his hand. But that was a long time ago.

Now, he’s got a little bump in his belly. They got him all prepped and shot the happy juice into his IV. “Not to worry, ” I said. Then I kissed him. As they wheeled him into surgery I called out, “nighty night.”

Neither of us slept very well last night. He’s nervous about the surgery. I feel sorry for his feeling nervous. I said, “Not to worry. Everything’ll be fine.”

The prep nurse is terrific. She’s got an Aussie accent and has a great sense of humor.

Bruce is a dignified guy, not used to donning those awful hospital gowns. He’s embarrassed, and trying to tamp down the natural shaky feeling you get before surgery.

The surgeon comes in for a very brief talk. He’s extremely tall, with a deep voice and enormous hands. I wonder how hands that large can possibly perform such delicate surgery.

He leaves and the anesthesiologist comes in with a few questions and information about the kind of stuff they’ll use to knock Bruce out.

I see my husband squirm. “Not to worry,” I say in my head. Everything’ll be fine.” And I pray for Bruce.

He’ll be in there for an hour. In fact, as I write, I imagine that they’re just getting their scalpels ready.

Ach! Now I’m nervous. I’m praying.

God speaks into my heart, “Not to worry. Every’ll be just fine.”



6 thoughts on “Surgery…Ach!”

  1. Praying with you! When you can hug him for me. Hope all goes well and he heals quickly! Love to you both!

  2. So, how did everything go….? I was praying too!  Annie  Mine went OK…feeling dizzy…waiting at least 24 hours to do any driving…my neighbor, Sandra, sooo helpful!

  3. Hi Dena – I hope everything went well. I once heard a comment that minor surgery is minor only if you’re not the one having it. Please give us an update. Blessings, Susan 🙂

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