Animals and Good Writing

I lived for seven years way up in the mountains outside Estes Park, Colorado.

While I honed my craft as a writer I also spent lots of time observing the wildlife outside my window.

Animals display many wonderful qualities that we humans—particularly writers—should emulate. They’re:

  1. curious
  2. persistent
  3. hard workers
  4. gifted
  5. voracious
  6.  fearless

Deer are curious. They want to know if another animal, or another grove of trees, or another meadow is safe. They cautiously approach new areas, but always with the intense focus of an animal that wants to learn something new.

Deer like to come up to our windows and peep through at the strange human animals inside. They quickly learn which houses contain friendly humans, or not-so-friendly humans with noisy dogs.

Writers should be boundlessly curious about their world, too. We need to keep learning every day. We should do things like:

visit museums,

walk places and observe people,


join organizations,

read books that you don’t usually read,

take a road trip, a cruise, a rafting trip,

host missionaries at your house,

keep a journal,

listen to other writers.

Our environment is constantly changing. Just like the deer, we writers 7-20-11 005need to be curious.

2 thoughts on “Animals and Good Writing”

  1. Interesting post, Dena. I never thought of comparing animal’s traits to my writing life. It’s also a good way to recognize the potential in kids, so we can encourage them.

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