Writers and Genius Crows

Ravens and crows are probably the smartest birds on the planet.

They survive so well because they are smart and versatile.

In animal science experiments, crows and ravens use tools to reach  treats stuck inside tight containers.

They can be taught to imitate human speech and other sounds.

They drop nuts onto busy street intersections and wait for cars to pass by and crush the nuts. After the light turns red, they swoop down and collect their nutty treats.

A crow was observed at a ice fishing site, pulling on the fishing line. After he had pulled the line out of the water several feet, he anchored the line over a rock and pulled the rest of the line out of the water…and the fish attached to the end!

Crows try several methods to get the food that they seek. They scavenge, hunt for small animals, feed on other birds’ eggs.

As writers in a quest for our own survival, are we as smart and versatile as crows?

Can we re-write an excerpt in an inventive way? Can we think of new and refreshing ways to market our writing works? Do we study the environment and construct creative methods for reaching new audiences? Do we seek out new writer “flocks” and  help them? Do we continue to learn how to use our own writerly “tools” effectively? (Newsletters, social media, tribes, word of mouth? etc.)

We can gain a lot of inspiration just by observing the way God has made so-called dumb animals. Next time you see a crow, let that big black bird inspire you to think smart about your writing career.


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