Exercise On the Road

Yep, it can be challenging to get some exercise while taking a road trip. Especially if you don’t have an extra hour to explore a nearby state park or recreational area.

Never fear: Rest Stops to the rescue!

Recent health research states that if you have a desk job, you should get up every half hour and move around for five minutes.

Being cooped up in a car for a long road trip is not good for your cardiovascular system and your poor muscles. Not to mention he toll it takes on your spine.

Look for rest stops. Most of them along the interstates are spaced every 40 or fifty miles.

Take each rest stop exit. Walk the entire length of the paved sidewalk, then back. Take deep breaths.Aug 2011 vacation 024 If the grounds around the rest stop are decent, circle the whole place three times. That’s approximately a mile.

When you stop to get gas, walk around the parking lot several times. When you get back to your car, do some slow stretches.

Holding on to the car door, grab the top of your instep and pull your foot back and up toward the back of your knee. Hold for twenty seconds. Repeat with the other foot.

Lift your arms over your head, then stretch them as far back behind your head as possible. Hold for twenty seconds.

At the next rest stop, perform other types of stretches before and after you do your walking circuits.

I’m so grateful that our tax dollars make these rest stops possible. I remember the days of my parents trying to find a nearby gas station while we kids whined and complained about being cooped up in the car for long trips.

Take advantage of the restful opportunity!

2 thoughts on “Exercise On the Road”

  1. Good advice, Dena…although I’ve never done all the walking you suggest! Have a blessed day! Annie

  2. Hi Dena – I tend to sit for hours, especially at work. When my back starts complaining, I know I’d better get up or I’ll be one hurting puppy.

    On road trips, we stop every 1-1 1/2 hours. Even then, we’re stiff, and our muscles are screaming for some serious movement.

    Thanks for the reminder to get up and move.

    God bless,
    Susan 🙂

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