Spectacular People

With this blog title, I’m sure most people would think of some prominent politician, singer, or other celebrity. You know, Time Magazine’s, or Rolling Stone Magazine’s most influential woman, or man of the year.

But the most spectacular people I’ve known seem—on the surface—to be like little brown sparrows. Nothing much to look at. Not usually charismatic, showy, or larger-than-life types.

Take Joe and Doris. They’re older people. They’ve been missionaries for years. Now, they quietly serve in their local church. Joe serves on the elder board. Doris helps to lead a women’s Bible study, and regularly attends the weekly prayer group. She brings meals to the sick and shut in. She sends encouraging notes. She visits lonely people.

No one would stand up and applaud if Joe or Doris ever stepped onto the red carpet leading to some Hollywood black-tie event.

Until you get to know Joe and Doris, you would never judge them beautiful. Their one-bedroom apartment is spartan; not much furniture, no lovely art-work or knick knacks on the shelves. Their clothing is plain and they wear no fancy jewelry or watches.

They most likely have no 401K. At their age, they’ll never purchase a home. But they’re happy, and they exude peace.

Unlike the tons of average people who post their You-tube videos and hope for a million views, Joe and Doris would never think to call attention to themselves. That’s not their way.

The legacy they’ll leave behind when they pass on will not be a you-tube video, but changed lives in their church and in their neighborhood.

Few people can see the inner beauty of Joe and Doris.

But what they are in our essence is laid bare before the Lord. He has placed His Spirit inside these two special people, and declared them “royal,” “priests.”

Joe and Doris have their priorities straight. After all, what do they own that they can bring with them to heaven?

Their lives are a constant reminder to me not to hold onto my possessions with a tight fist. Joe and Doris’s happiness is based on spending their days doing good things for others. Wow!

“Lord, fill my heart with Your love. May I have my eyes open every day for opportunities to do something kind or generous for someone else.”

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