7 Ways to Build Your “Tool Chest”

I once had a professor in an ethics class who liked to talk about his “tool chest.”

What? He sure didn’t look like the handyman type.

But my prof was talking about another type of “tool chest.” The kind that has to do with your social, educational, and professional skills that make you versatile and valuable in an ever-changing business world.

Whether you’re a writer, or teacher, or accountant, or whatever, experts suggest the following activities, guaranteed to build your professional or personal “tool chest.”

  1. Take a class: For example, if you’re a business person, take business English. If you’re terrified of public speaking, join Toastmasters.
  2. Network with others: You have lots to offer. And you have lots to gain from the company and expertise of others.
  3. Read a book: Stretch your knowledge by reading outside your usual interests. If you like romance, read a biography. If you like physical adventure, read a book on European royal families.
  4. Travel: Read up before you go. Take a tour. Take photos. Meet the locals. Buy a book about the history of the location you’re visiting.
  5. Teach: Nothing solidifies a subject in your own mind by having to prepare a lesson for others.
  6. Volunteer: Help young kids with their reading, serve in a soup kitchen, help build a house, adopt-a-grandparent.
  7. Be available to God: If you’re listening, He’ll speak to you. Ask Him to give you a heart of compassion for others. Why not practice hospitality? Show interest in other people. Really listen. Everybody had something to teach you.

I hope these 7 suggestions help you build your tool chest.

“Instruct a wise man, and he will be wiser still; teach a righteous man and he will add to his learning.” (Prod. 9:9 NIV Bible)


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  1. Love this Dena! That is one of the things I love about my business. We offer materials to help people in this personal development in various areas. We are changing lives which I feel is exactly what you are talking about. Your life changes when you step out and build your “tool chest”.

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