Loving Rain

It’s raining today. It rains every day out here in the Pacific northwest. Well, maybe not every day, but about 98% of winter days.

After two full weeks of constant rain I said to myself, “There has got to be a way for me to start loving rain. Lots and lots and lots of rain. I need an attitude adjustment.”

I was born in sunny northern California. Since then I’ve lived in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, New York, Colorado, southern California (I mention it because SoCal is definitely different from northern California.) And now Washington.

A few weeks ago I posted a glorious photo of ice crystals. I’ve always liked ice. Well, not on the roads or walkways. But ice, capping blades of grass or embroidering the tops of fences is just plain amazing to see.


And I love clouds and mist. They’re water, too, right?


And of course, the sea. In our case, the Salish sea.


Besides the fact that our great Creator God made water, here are ten great things about loving rain…:

  1. It’s beautiful.
  2. It makes everything green.
  3. We need rain.
  4. It sounds nice: rain flows into rivers, waterfalls,  and builds ocean surfs.
  5. It’s fun to play with if you’re a kid.
  6. Rain cleans the air and washes the streets…but not necessarily my car.
  7. It cools things off.
  8. It makes us sooooo glad for Spring.
  9. I get to wear boots. I love boots.
  10. It’s very romantic…you know, all that cloak and dagger, and mysterious stuff.

Washingtonians don’t get all exasperated by the rain. They go out in it and conduct their daily business and most of the time don’t even wear a hat or hood. (I used to think, “poor things, they don’t know any better!”)

When it first began raining here late in October, I mostly hid inside. But after nearly five straight months of rain, I’m saying (politely) “Darn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead.”

IMG_0395Really, there isn’t much you can’t do when it’s raining.

I think the sea gulls agree.


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