One Of Those Days

I’m having one of those days: you know, the kind where you’ve spent many days taking care of other people’s needs. You had some plans, too. Only, you can’t get them done because of all those urgent things for other people.


I’m happy to do those nice, kind, good, charitable acts for “all those other people.” But I’d sure like to squeeze in some time for my stuff.

Not the selfish type of “me” things. Like indulging in a candle lit bubble bath, or spending the day at a spa. (Although those activities can be good things, at times.)

No. Just the things I know God has called me to do and which is also about other people.

It’s Thursday. This should be one of my freer days. But instead, there were lots of church things to do, and errands, and baking chicken burritos for college students. Then I need to pick up my husband at the airport. And I’ve gotta do my physical therapy appointment, which so far is not helping.

And after that appointment I have just enough time to pop my burritos in the oven, warm up my fingers for choir practice, and then head out.

I shouldn’t complain. I have a great life that I wouldn’t trade for anyone else’s.

Mostly, I feel the need for someone close to me to notice and value the things I do each day that don’t earn a paycheck.

Sometimes I wonder, does anyone notice all the things I do, does anyone appreciate it?

And I know deep in my heart that, of course, God sees everything. God doesn’t award a paycheck for my overtime. But He values me.

Can you relate to my pity party? I’ll bet you can.

We all know that days like today don’t last. Tomorrow I’ll feel like sunshine again.

I think we should form a club. It would be called The Barnabas Club. Wasn’t Barnabas (as in the apostle Paul and Barnabas) an encourager?

Anyway, it would be a club where we notice other people and the quiet little things they do. Then we go up to such persons and say, “I want you to know how much I appreciate how you (insert act or attitude). You inspire me. Thank you. May I hug (shake your hand) you?”

Gosh, I could do with a Barnabas Club-er  about now. How about you?

“…Paul sent for the disciples and, after encouraging them, said goodbye and set out for Macedonia. He traveled through that area, speaking many words of encouragement to the people…” (Act 20:1,2 NIV Bible)



4 thoughts on “One Of Those Days”

  1. Hi Dena – I’d like to join that Barnabas Club. I pray the Lord will remind me to express my appreciation more often for the small things in life. BTW, I’m showing you mine by linking to this post on May 6, 2016. 🙂

  2. I come here from Susan’s blog. I was a Barnabas in our former church. Encouragement is one of my Spiritual gifts. I have to get my encouragement from the LORD. I, too, need to be a Barnabas,again.

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