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So, last weekend, my honey and I had tickets (courtesy of my wonderful son and daughter-in-law, Ian and Danielle) to the ballet, Sleeping Beauty. Bruce made reservations at our favorite downtown Seattle hotel and also dinner reservations at the Metropolitan, my favorite steak restaurant.

Here’s me, enjoying oysters on the half shell. I LOVE oysters!


The ballet was exquisite, the dancing, the set design, the music. And to top it off, no one sat directly in front. Being only five foot one, the seat in front of me is always a spoiler. I usually get the person over six foot tall, or the person with really big hair. Worse yet are the two affectionate people in front of me who love to snuggle and whisper sweet nothings, completely obscuring the action on stage. Argh!

But this time, like a special gift from God, no one had purchased seat A12. Praise the Lord! Thank You, Father.

We took the Monorail to the downtown stop, hopped off and hoofed it the rest of the way to the Metropolitan. Expensive, but for a once-a-year treat, highly recommended.

Another gift from God: at our hotel, we were upgraded to a luxurious corner room , just yards away from the seaport, where I got to settle into a comfy chair and watch the Ferries come in and then embark a few minutes later.


These weekend specials don’t happen all the time. Most weekends, we’re doing home improvements, entertaining, shopping for groceries, getting ready for Sunday ministries. But it’s nice every once and a while to to something lovely and out of the ordinary.

And when our planned special day turns out even better than we’d anticipated, I see the tracks of God all over it. I imagine Him saying, “There you go, my child. Something special, just because……….”

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  1. What made this excursion even more special was my life long companion and love of my life.
    Signed. Bruce

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