Full Time Grandma

Well, the two grand girls have been here since mid-June. I can’t believe how the time has passed.

IMG_2473.jpg          I am having a ball with these precious girls. Kaya is almost ten, and very smart. Kira is extra talented in art and can whip up amazing drawing of animals that look as if they could jump off the page.

So far we’ve:

  1. visited beaches and collected shells and sand dollars
  2. collected moss and pine cones
  3. painted bird houses
  4. made hair clips, sculptures, drawings
  5. we’ve written in our journals
  6. read books
  7. visited all sorts of stores and businesses
  8. fed the birds
  9. planted seeds
  10. built a fort
  11. learned how to make french toast, and garlic bread, and mac and cheese. (Tonight we’re learning how to make egg rolls)
  12. Practiced our piano pieces


We tried to pick blueberries, but Bow Hill Blueberry Farm said that the berries aren’t quite ripe enough.  Instead, we ate blueberry popsicles, which were amazing.

You might be wondering if I been writing during these four weeks. No, no I have not.

I purposely finished my latest novel and sent it in to my editor a week before the girls arrived. The only thing I’ve done with writing is to begin to construct a new novel: a young adult novel set in current times. It’s going to be a thriller, with fascinating teen characters and a dynamite concept.

I always buy a fresh notebook for each new novel. It makes me feel like I used to feel when I returned to school in the fall. I love beginnings. It’s the feeling of possibilities. So, in my new notebook, I draw pictures of my characters, and write descriptions, and write down the basic premise of the story and all the big things that absolutely must happen, and the order of these things.

Then it rained like crazy last night and rain leaked into our basement and we had to call the plumber who looked at it and said it wasn’t a job for a plumber and gave me an invoice for 160 dollars. (It’s almost dried out now, and I really hope we don’t have heavy rain any time soon.)

So life is exciting. The weather is nice, then it’s not. The girls are sweet, then they’re not, then they’re sweet again. Moody or sweet, the girls are absolutely precious and I love them.



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