On My Way!

I’m on my way to the 2019 American Christian Fiction Writers conference in San Antonio, Texas.


We’re staying at the Hyatt Regency. Here’s a view from the fourth floor.

Our flight: I love it when Bruce and I get upgraded to first class. It’s like a special gift from the Lord. I have a nice big window…and I have control over the window shade. I’ll never understand why people get the window seat and then close the shade. How can they stand to miss out on the spectacular scenery below, not to mention the clouds? I love clouds. I think, what’s outside is much more interesting than anything on a computer screen. But that’s just me.

So, since I’ve got the window seat, I’m able to snap this wonderful photo of cloud- crowned Mt. Rainier. Wow!


We have an older gentleman named Joe as our personal flight attendant, and man, is he charming and helpful. He waxes eloquent about San Antonio, announcing about ten times over the course of our 3 1/2 hour flight how it’s his favorite city.

I have an ear-worm that I’d like to gouge out of my brain right now. I woke up super early this morning hearing the song, “Kids,” from the musical “Bye Bye Birdie.” It just won’t go away even though I’ve tried to replace it with several more apropos pieces of music.

Apropos—that is—to the emotional tone of the next four days at the conference. Shouldn’t it be serious, but worshipful, full of confidence and expectation?

Here’s a photo from the lobby of the Hyatt. Can’t you just hear the sound of the waterfalls?


I love the air-conditioning in here. Outside, it’s about a 100 degrees and kind of muggy.

My latest manuscript is tentatively entitled, The Girl Everyone Wants, and it’s a Young Adult thriller. I’m hoping to interest an agent with the plot and the teenaged main character. We’ll see.

Here’s a photo from our room of the River Walk, a charming, winding walk bordered by the river and lovely trees and flowers and flanked by tempting restaurants of all types. Plenty of outdoor seating, if you can stand the 98 degree heat. We’ll take the air–conditioned interior, thank you.


You can’t see the river walk too well from this photo, so I’m going all the way down there to take a better photo…even though—I’m reminding you— it’s really hot and muggy! Am I a hero, or what?!


There. That’s better. But even this photo doesn’t do it justice. At night, there are lights all over the place, and boat tours up and down the waterway. I’ll try to get a few photos of the hotels which look out over the river. The architecture is beautiful.

So far, I’ve met ten writers. Some write historical fiction, others write romance. It met one sweet lady who’s a Genesis finalist (sure hope she wins) and one lady who writes suspense, is a dog trainer when she’s not writing, and always includes a dog in each of her stories.

By the way, I actually sat next to Robert Dugoni—a wonderful best-selling suspense writer—at Seatac— while waiting to board our plane.  But he was focused on reading the sports section and I didn’t want to disturb him, so I just watched him surreptitiously. I whispered to Bruce, “that’s Robert Dugoni.” Bruce said, “Nah, it’s not him.” I brought up photos of the writer on my phone. Bruce still insisted it wasn’t him. I waited until we had boarded and said, “Well, I know it’s Robert Dugoni because he gave a talk at my writer’s group about two years ago, so there, I’m right, it’s definitely Robert Dugoni.”

I see Frank Peretti  down the hall, talking to some important people.(Remember This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness?) Again, I don’t even try to barge in an introduce myself. He’ll get plenty of that after he gives his keynote speech later this afternoon. So I head for my hotel room.

That’s about it for now. I’ll keep you updated.

Have a great day!

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