What if you could…?



I remember when I was a kid,  thinking it would be a kick to have the gift of knowing everyone’s thoughts. Or knowing the future. Or being able to fly, etc.

But now that I’m older, I think, ick! wouldn’t it be awful to know what others are thinking? I don’t think I could handle it. It would be hard to stay friends if I knew my friends’ thoughts.

What if I knew everything that was coming down the pike? How awful to know about tragedies or catastrophes beforehand!

And can you imagine the kind of trouble you could get into if you could fly over people’s yards, see inside their windows, spy covert government operations?

No, sir. Make me normal.

It’s a good party question: would you rather have a super power, knowing it’s going to dramatically complicate your life, or would you choose to be normal? Why?

Your answer says a lot about you.

Here’s Bruce, showing his characteristic confidence. (I’m pretty sure he’d choose to be a superhero):


I’ve just finished writing a new novel about a young woman who possesses a spectacular gift. She’s counted the cost of using her gift and decides she’d rather be normal. But how do you give it back? Does God take His gifts back?

Another good question for speculation.



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