Exciting Times at the Netherton Home


Being home-bound is not the way it should be for free Americans. But there are two good things about it for Dena Netherton:

  1. Her honey is home. Normally, he’d be traveling all over the country doing audits for suppliers of Lockheed Marten.
  2. She has written a lot!

I’ve written two novels this year, one an action/adventure/suspense, and the second one, a straight romance.

Romance is primarily about this: Will the boy and the girl finally get together?

But I’ve found that you can take the girl (me) out of suspense (in order to write a romance story)  but you can’t take the suspense out of the girl. I guess I’ve got suspense in my very DNA because even my sweet romances are filled with self-doubts, threats of danger, and physical adventure.

My stories always begin with a question like this: What would happen if I lost my ability to do what I’ve alway done well, and, in my struggle to recapture that ability, what would I have to endure and/or encounter? My suspense series, Hunting Haven, is all about this. If you like action adventure and suspense but with an inspiring message, you’ll like this series.

Or, it could be: What would I be willing to do to  achieve my dearest wish? What stands in my way?  My sweet Christian romance, High Country Dilemma, is about this. If you love romance in a small mountain town, you’ll like this one.

My next novel, a suspense (not yet published) involves Zara, a godly young woman with the rare gift of healing. Her story is reminiscent of Jonah and his whale. God wants her to heal people, but she runs from her gift. It’s more than inconvenient to be able to heal. Can you imagine the hoards of people knocking down your doors for a chance of being healed? No sir, this isn’t for Zara. She wants a normal life.

Hopefully, I’ll find an agent who likes this weird story.

And here’s a refreshing photo for you. This waterfall is off of highway 20 in North Cascades, WA.



And finally….he’s back! Rufus, the grey squirrel.


Rufus wants to raid my bird feeder, but the feeder is squirrel proof.

Rufus doesn’t believe that for one minute. He tries again and again.

First, the feeder is hung off our wall about eighteen inches out, too far for him to reach. And even if he could reach it, his weight presses the sides of the feeder downward, effectively shutting off the openings where the sunflower seeds are stored.

He’s looking at me and looks none too pleased. As if to express his p…ssed off mood, he leaves little brown ‘gifts’ for me all over the banister.

Seriously, I’d like to feed him, but he’s a complete glutton. He’ll eat till his stomach bulges and he can hardly move. and he’ll happily leave no seeds for the birds.

That’s about the extent of the exciting times in the Netherton household during April.

I guess that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Y’all stay safe and healthy!



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  1. Can’t wait to read your next book, Dena! Thanks for this “life update”..stay safe!😙

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