Just News

Here’s the news at the Netherton country cottage:

We continue to plant trees and shrubs to make our house a home.

Those are cinquefoil and barberry. This weekend we’ll plant more.

A pair of barn swallows have set up residence in the eaves of our garage. The nest is an amazing engineering feat. I didn’t take a picture because they’re super protective and aggressive right now.

Sitka, the puppy got spayed and she also had her strange dew claws removed from her back ankles. She also got chipped and had all of her shots. See her bandages? They shaved her belly, too. (I don’t usually leave my shoes out for her to find and chew. But I caught her cuddling with them and didn’t have the heart to take them away.)

Link, the cat likes Sitka and revels in their “knock-down-drag-out fights.” Link sounds like he’s being murdered when Sitka pounces on him, but he comes right back for more. He jumps up on the dining table and flops down close to Sitka’s roving nose. The tease!

Sitka found Bruce’s glasses—inside the night stand drawer!— and chewed up the lenses. So there’s another 500 dollars down the drain.

I bought a new microphone so I can record some of my scripture songs. Hopefully, in another couple of weeks I’ll be able to send out Mp3s for anybody who requests them.

I have two contracts: one from my Haven series publisher, Write Integrity Press for a suspense novella. That will come out the summer of 2022.

Also, I’m so excited to tell you I’ve found a home for my novel about the reluctant healer (The Girl Everyone Wants). I’ve signed a contract with Elk Lake Publishing for my story. I don’t have a date for its release yet.

I’m on my third read-through-the-Bible this year and have reached 1st Corinthians. Boy, if he reamed the Corinthians out for their quarrels and immaturity, I wonder what Paul would write to our modern-day American churches?

Y’all, have a great week!

Love, Dena

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