Memorizing Scripture


Years ago, when I was sharp enough to memorize scripture, I committed large passages of it into my brain.

But now? Not so easy. I’ve often said, “I feel as if my brain is like teflon: nothing sticks.

But, songs I’ve learned stay in my brain forever, particularly ones I’ve learned in church choir.

A few years ago I attended a women’s Bible study. This was when technology was still in the dark ages. When we heard that we would be asked to memorized a couple of Bible verses per week (which amounted to about 15 scriptures for the entire length of the study) some of the older women sweetly complained, “I can’t memorize anymore.”

So I spoke up and volunteered to set the 15 scripture verses to music and record them on cassette tapes. “You can do do that?” they asked.

“I can try.”

So I went home that day, spread out the verses on separate sheets of paper and got to work.

They weren’t works of art, but when I was finished, I had 15 short songs ready to go.

Now, I don’t know about the other women in the Bible study, but I still have those verses committed to memory and I can sing them whenever I need a particular scripture to remind me about some wonderous aspect of God’s care, and counsel, and protection.

Lately, I’ve been led by the Lord to start writing music again. And the creations are beginning to fill “my scripture songs” page on my website.

So, if you’re curious, or would like to join me in my journey of memorizing Bible verses, you can find them at the top of my website page. Just click on the button and select a Bible verse to listen to.

By the way, it’s not just me singing. I’m getting old and so is my voice, so I’m actively looking for people with some vocal ability—no, you don’t have to be a professional, just adequate— to help me record the songs. So far, I’ve gotten my lovely and talented daughter in law, Carissa, to sing three songs. And I’ve also recorded my nine year old piano student, Kenna Bowers, on one of them, too.

I hope to utilize my son’s voice on some of the songs with a more rock quality, and daughter Kiri on some of the alto songs.

Give them a listen. If you listen enough times, you’ll probably learn a verse or two!

Each month I add three more songs. This week I’m preparing to record three songs I’ve written this summer and I’ll put them up in September.

I’ve also added the songs to my monthly newsletter, so that’s another way to access them.

God bless you!


5 thoughts on “Memorizing Scripture”

    1. Sure! Thanks, Susan. The songs are very short and I keep the voice range narrow so you don’t have to be a trained singer!

  1. This is great, Dena. I have shared so often that many, many times the choruses or hymns have given me the memorization of scripture. So grateful.

  2. This is a great way to memorize scripture. Upon The Rock has been doing this for years and it really makes it easier to remember our verses which aren’t just a couple but mostly passages or chapters. Love your sharing this with me.

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