Life is Wondrous!


So many surprising and wondrous things happened to Bruce and I this year.

The Lord made it clear to both of us that we needed to move from Bellingham, WA and live closer to our children and grandchildren.

We thought we’d build a house south of Cheyenne. But instead, we found a lovely home on the north, on 8 acres, with six bedrooms. Exactly what we were looking for so we can extend hospitality to whomever.

The house was bare bones, so we set about to plant trees and shrubs.

The Lord gave me a strong desire to set scripture to music so people (me included) could easily memorize verses. So far, I’ve written about 30 songs. If you’d like to listen, they’re on this website. Just click on Dena’s scripture songs and choose which one(s) you’d like to hear.

Our tenth grandchild was born to Carissa and Garrett. His name is Soren and he is absolutely gorgeous. What do you think?

We also traveled. Since I’m the president of Northwest Christian Writers Association, we journeyed to the Seattle area to visit friends, attend meetings, and participate in our summer Board meeting where we envision and plan our next year. Announcement: hybrid (in person and on Zoom) Renewal Conference coming this spring!

Then, we saw the Olympic peninsula and took lots of pictures around the La Push beach areas.

We also re-visited some of our favorite National Parks. Yellowstone is one of my favorites!

Received an email from one of my publishers, inviting me to be part of a group effort to write a series of mystery/suspense novellas. as we speak, I’m four thousand words away from completing that story. Yay!

I just launched my bigger novel about the reluctant healer: The Girl Everyone Wants. It’s on Amazon, so if you’re interested, you will absolutely love this story. My heroine, Zara, encounters drug cartel bad guys, a sweet but demented former show girl, a giant history professor, anonymous people who help abused people escape to make a new life, an angel or two, some Chicago street people, a mission worker, and finally, some surprisingly helpful criminal bikers.

Quite the thrilling adventure!

So many more wondrous things happened but there’s not enough space to recount them all.

But just recently, our beautiful orange (indoor) cat disappeared for over a week. We searched and searched, and even though we prayed, it looked as if he would never return. Probably eaten by a coyote, or frozen, or starved. But last night he returned, emaciated and meowing for food. God is so kind to keep this little creature alive and to return him to this heart-broken lady.

And, finally, God has faithfully led me through another year. He promises that He who began a good work in (those of us who have trusted Him) He’ll continue to complete His transforming work until the final time of redemption. (Phil. 1:5)

And in the light of these troubling times, be of good cheer. These are not my Pollyanna words. These are the words of Jesus. Because, as He says, “I have overcome the world.” So all those trials: of sickness, of world cabals, corrupt governments, economic hardships, wars and rumors of wars, interpersonal strife … All of this is under His control.

And it is He, not any human effort, Who brings reconciliation between God and man, or between man and man. (Eph. 2:18)

From Noel to Maranatha,  praise His holy name!

Merry Christmas, y’all.



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