Author Lill Kohler’s Interview

Lill Kohler is another outstanding author selected to be part of the group of writers who contributed to The Visitor mystery/suspense series of novellas.

Her novella, The Visitor Sees a Ghost, released on Amazon last Friday.

I thought it would be fun to post my recent interview with Lill. She’s a pretty interesting person and writer.

Bio: Lill Kohler loves humor and feels a smile is the first step to feeling joy within. Her adventure in writing is led by her walk with Jesus.

  1. Lill currently lives in Texas but as an Air Force brat and Army wife, was blessed to live in many locations around the world.
  2. the Lord called Lill to write several decades ago. After many years of “practice” writing, the Lord led her to produce books in the Speculative Fiction (Christian) genre. The Visitor series is her first book in the cozy mystery genre.
  3. In her blog posts, Lill share what the Lord is teaching her or show her in the Bible. Her books are shared works with the Lord as many scenes were given to her from Him.
  4. Overall, Lill considers herself an extrovert with an occasional introvert need. As a result, she tends to go to public locations to transcribe he handwritten rough drafts into her computer. At other times, in order to set the mood for the scene she’s writing, she will turn on a movie or show with the same rhythm.
  5. You can find stories by Lill in Guidepost’s Heavenly Company: Entertaining Angels Unaware, and Tara’s Falling in Love with You. She has completed two books of a trilogy: One Way Out and Wrong Way Out. Last Way Out will be coming out soon. Her novella, The Visitor Sees a Ghost just released on Amazon.
  6. Lill enjoys writing, as it allows her to express and release emotions, but also to share revelations. Hearing from readers that the words she writes brings them comfort or something to think about is priceless.
  7. You can find her at:
  8. rocking-my


Thanks, Lill!

Love, Dena



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