The Hunted Series

The Hunted Series

Book 3 is finally released! Haven’s Fire is the exciting conclusion to The Hunted series.

I invite you to read Haven’s Fire and then let me know what you think in an Amazon or Goodreads review. Thanks so much, my reader friends.

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Thea Malone hides both outward and inward scars after she barely survived a fire at her family’s business ten years earlier. Now a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, she meets Jesse and can’t believe that he could love her in spite of her scars. Maybe the mysterious and charismatic religious leader, Father Michael, will accept her as she is.

But Father Michael is requiring more and more loyalty from his followers, and Jesse and Haven and Petter are concerned for Thea’s safety.

What Jesse discovers when he infiltrates Thea’s new group, horrifies him. Somehow Jesse must rescue Thea from the clutches of this dangerous and delusional cult leader.

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Dena’s newest adventure thriller, out of Write Integrity Press: Haven’s Flight. 

Haven's Flight Cover

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The characters are engaging, and Mrs. Netherton keeps the plot moving. The story never drags, and in fact, once I had an extended opportunity to really get into the story, I couldn’t put it down!”  – Amazon Reviewer

This book is a must read for young adults on up! Walking with Haven through her suspense filled journey, fleeing her “Goliath” both spiritually and physically, made this book hard to put down. Most enjoyable were Ms. Netherton’s incredibly descriptive language (easily conjuring up word pictures) and the way she wove the spiritual aspect into this story. I was amazed that the story held me suspense bound, let me down when it ended, and made me want to immediately start the sequel. If you are looking for a book that takes you away for a while but also reminds you of the Lord’s presence, this book is a great choice!” – Amazon Reviewer

“Lovely, blonde musical prodigy, Haven Ellingsen, suffers from PTSD after having witnessed her mother’s murder. Where was God on the worst day of Haven’s life? How can she ever again face an audience and speak about God’s faithfulness when she herself struggles to believe He can be trusted during life’s greatest crises?

To recapture her faltering faith, Haven attends a wilderness therapy camp, deep in the Cascade Mountains in Washington state. But while there, strange people and mysterious events collide, triggering an avalanche of deception which deposits Haven in a hidden mountain cabin, imprisoned by the one person she thought she could trust. Will Haven summon the courage to escape her captor before it is too late? And even if she manages to elude the man who has vowed to never stop hunting her, how will she survive, alone and injured in the rugged and dangerous wilderness?”

Book 2 of The Hunted Series

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Beautiful and talented Haven Ellingsen is about to discover that evil doesn’t take a holiday.

Haven Ellingsen has escaped the man who relentlessly hunted her in the Cascade Mountains. But when an old friend from her dangerous past shows up unexpectedly to warn her that Dade Colton is determined to re-capture her, Haven makes the only safe decision: to go into hiding once more. But where? Who can she trust? If only she could tell someone about her tragic secret. But Dade’s threat to kill anyone who helps her would put that person’s life in jeopardy, too.

Dr. Petter Eriksen saves lives every day at Mercy Hospital Emergency Department. Driven by guilt after the accidental death of his little sister, he can’t believe in a good God. But when a beautiful and mysterious young woman moves into the cabin on his uncle’s Christian Retreat, Petter wonders if her love and simple faith have the power to shatter the barrier he has erected around his heart? And can he save her from a madman?

Sometimes you hide; sometimes you stand and fight.

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