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A Deadline Before I’m Drugged

Spring 2010 064

I’ve gone through a couple of major surgeries before.

And what follows is at least a week of swallowing pain pills.

And not being too productive.

A couple of weeks ago I signed a contract for one of my romance novels. I’m waiting to receive edits.

Which will require a sharp, alert brain.

Who knows how long it will be before the edits come and then I’ll have to bury my nose in my laptop.

I’m currently working on another novel. 12,000 more words to go. I want this manuscript wrapped up before I start edits for the contracted novel.

The question is: can I get ‘er done in the two remaining weeks before my surgery?

It’s about 1000 words per day. It ought to be do-able.


That is always the urgent word for me. “If.”

If I don’t fritter my time by watching too much news. If I can efficiently do my errands and chores. If some crisis doesn’t happen between now and then. If my insomnia doesn’t make me a zombie the next morning.

It can be done.

The problem is me. It’s my endless distractions and making choices that lead me away from my writerly quest.


And it’s my blasted neck—the reason for my upcoming surgery—and the pain that won’t let me sit for more than ten minutes before I have to get up and run around the house, waving my arms, stretching my neck muscles, drinking something hot—I don’t know why this helps, but it does—and rolling my back on the giant exercise ball.

I’m going to make myself accountable to y’all. By next Thursday I’d like to be able to report to you that I’ve written another 6000 words.

I’m asking for your prayers. And for a safe and successful outcome for my surgery, please. (August 30th)

Thank you and God bless you!