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I’m Alive…Really, I Am!

I went in for my yearly check up the other day.

The nice nurse took my temperature and raised her eyebrows. “Your temp is really low,” she informed me.

She took my blood pressure and raised her eyebrows again. “Hmm, low blood pressure, too.”

My pulse barely showed on that little finger thing they clamp onto you.

I said, “I’m alive…really.”

“If you say so,” she replied with a smile.

The blood lady came in to do her thing. She glanced at my arm and a barely discernible frown formed around her mouth. “Did you drink lots of water?”

“I sure did.”

She prodded the veins around the inside of my elbow and made a “hmm” sound.

“I’m told I have very tiny veins. But this one,” I pointed to one of them,” seems to give blood reliably.”

She did her thing and left me feeling like a vampire had just collected his breakfast from my arm.

The nurse returned to hook me up for my EKG. “Hmm,” she said while a crease formed  between her eyebrows. “You’re barely registering.” She played around with the apparatus but kept getting the same results.

She went out of the room and returned with another nurse who also played around with the apparatus. They kept repositioning the tabs on my chest and legs.

After half an hour, my nurse gave up and declared her own unofficial diagnosis. “Well, I guess you’re just a low voltage kind of gal.”

That didn’t exactly comfort me. The thought that my heart barely generates any electricity made me feel like the bride of Frankenstein.

But really—even though I scarcely register on the machines—I’m clearly alive… I think.

In the words of the philosopher: “I think, therefore I am.”

And even, some time in the future, when the machines don’t pick up any life at all from my cold, no blood-pressured, non-electric heart, I’ll still be alive.

Maybe not alive on this earth. But very much alive in a Better Place. With Jesus.


I’m very much alive…really.


“And this is the testimony: God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son.” (Ist John 5:11 NIV Bible)