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Spring 2010 064This is one of my favorite Bible verses:

“And Enoch walked with God.” (Gen. 5:24)

A short, simple verse, impossible not to memorize. So short that I do not even have to write a musical jingle to remember it.

But there’s a whole lot of significance in these five words.

I’ve read this verse many, many times. Simply glossed over it in the boring recitation of who begat who and how long each descendant of Adam lived.

But one day this verse stood out in my mind. As though God had stopped me to point out the power of “walk.”

What does it mean to walk with God? I wondered what Enoch must have been like. Was he a particularly spiritual man, a philosopher, a thinker, a nature man, a dreamer?

Or maybe he was a practical man, most likely a man who worked with his hands. A hunter, gatherer, planter, harvester. Like the the shepherd king, David, whatever his work entailed gave him time for reflection and communication with God.

But I also think that God, in His sovereignty, had chosen Enoch for this special “walk.”

I think Enoch talked to God about everything. And beyond talking, he liked to listen for God’s response. He delighted in hearing God’s voice. He prioritized listening to God’s voice. Over all the other voices clamoring for his attention: his wife and children, his friends, the urgent needs of the day.

I once read a short quote which has stuck in mind. “You’re too busy not to pray.”

If Jesus is the vine and we are the branches, why do we think we can separate ourselves, even for a short time, from our vine?

So, I think that is the key to Enoch’s “walk.”

Enoch understood the importance of that branch-to-vine connection, walking close to his God. Talking, listening, explaining, pleading, praising, surrendering, obeying, having the consciousness of God’s presence at all times. And when it was time for Enoch’s life to be over on earth, God simply took him to heaven. Amazing and precious.

Oh, I would love to be like Enoch.


God Doesn’t Explain Himself

In January of 2013, Bruce and I decided that we needed to be closer to our church in Longmont. So we put our beautiful Estes Park house on the market, confident that we would soon be packing and moving into a house within a few minutes of church.

Each new year, I ask the Lord for one clear message to focus my heart and mind around. This year, it was “trust in God.” As a believer I constantly remind myself that we walk by faith and not by sight (2 Co. 5:7). This message and my trust would be tested over and over in the coming months.

Each Sunday, after church, Bruce and I would drive to various housing areas and study the locale.

Weeks passed. Our house attracted many lookers, but no takers. We shook our heads. Our house was beautiful, fairly priced, in excellent condition, in a good neighborhood, and located in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Months passed. We prayed for clarification. Why, Lord, is the sale of our house taking so long? We trust You, but…

The summer months arrived. And still no contract on our house. People at church constantly asked us, “haven’t you sold your house yet?” And all we could do was shake our heads and say, “The Lord must have some reason why He’s delaying the sale.”

We were doing the right things to sell the house.We were praying.
Our friends were praying.
We had the right reasons for selling.

In mid-August, Bruce was advised by his boss at work that it would be best for him to work on site at the plant. That’s south Denver. About 50 miles south of our targeted home search. I  had my heart set on the Longmont area, but thought, maybe this is why the Lord hasn’t allowed us to sell our house yet.

The very next day an older couple came to see our house, fell in love with it and made a fair offer. Yay! Thank You, Lord!

If our prayer had been answered way back in January or February, we would have bought a house in Longmont. Then we would have had to turn right around and sell that house so we could be closer to Bruce’s work in south Denver.

God doesn’t always show us why He withholds a blessing. And I’ve never known Him to explain Himself. Because we Christians are commanded to “walk by faith and not by sight.” And, 7-20-11 017after all, He’s the Lord of the entire universe!

But this delayed answered helped Bruce and I to grow in trust. God walks ahead of us, to prepare places that our feet will tread. He loves us, as any wonderful Father does, and wants to bless us and protect us.

Yes, we have also experienced times when the Lord has not intervened even when we’ve been on our face, pleading for a quick answer. Perhaps we’ll never know why He delayed.

We must walk by faith even then.

“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” (Proverbs 3:5,6 NIV Bible)